The No Contact Rule as it Applies to Rebound Relationships – What A Dumpee Must Know

Are rebound associations as big of a offer as several dumpees make them out to be? Right here we will analyze 1 person’s problem regarding rebounds.

Often, if you go fully no make contact with with your ex and then never re-set up make contact with later on, while they’re in the rebound, your odds of achievements at acquiring them again later on are a lot greater. I have a principle that if the dumpee continues to be in the picture, the rebound will become a profitable romance while if the dumpee leaves, the dumper is far more probably to become freshly attracted to the missing dumpee, and return.

To elaborate….

From looking through some circumstances on ENA it appears to me that a dumper’s “rebound” romance is far more probably to previous if the dumpee continues to be in the picture in some capability, no matter if as a pal or as the ex attempting to “win again” the dumper. I come to feel like this gives the dumper command above the dumpee, being aware of that he/she is a confident matter, which for that reason decreases the dumper’s attraction to the dumpee. The dumper can then freely go after this new man or woman, while being aware of that (just in situation) the ex is ready on the sidelines.

I have even go through about some of these “rebound” associations main to engagement and relationship when the dumpee is however in make contact with. A single situation in particular I have read of – the dumpee explained to the dumper that she feared he was heading to be engaged quickly to the new man or woman, which he wrote off as absurd.

But…it arrived legitimate many months later on. It can be like in some twisted way the dumper played on the dumpee’s anxiety – manufactured that anxiety a truth – to retain command above her feelings. I feel it is a fully unconscious conclusion to manipulate in this way, but in a really twisted way, it will make feeling…

It appears that the far more normally a dumpee wins again the dumper is by exiting the picture fully while the dumper pursues this new man or woman. I feel it gives the dumper a chance to recognize that the “confident matter” they experienced (owing to his/her original makes an attempt to reconcile and get again jointly) is gone and that after the enjoyment of the new man or woman wears off, they skip their ex. It can be a issue of reverse psychology – we often want what we feel we are unable to have. And we never skip what we have until finally it is gone.

So the base line is: when you go no make contact with with another person and then they have a rebound romance, you have to keep your distance. In essence it lets your ex see that what she imagined she experienced with some new guy was not as excellent as she experienced considered at initially.

The entire approach appears like this:

one. Go no make contact with or minimal make contact with with your ex

two. Permit them to have their rebound romance

three. Wait around to see if they make contact with you

four. If not then you can deliver them a temporary textual content, but not 1 that signifies you might be fascinated in acquiring again jointly.