The Dating Age Difference Formula – Find Out If Your Love Interest Is Not Too Young For You

Copyright (c) 2010 Jim Terroirier

A relationship between a man and a younger woman is not the one-sided proposition that one might think. Contrary to popular belief, there is more to the relationship than a young woman going after some poor old sap’s money and an old man trying to look and feel young again. There are solid benefits that each partner can enjoy and take from a healthy relationship between an older man and a younger woman. In fact, using factors such as reproductive age ranges and life expectancy, a logical equation to determine a feasible age range is 2/3 the age of the man minus 6. In other words, a man of 60 can feel comfortable and happy dating a woman who is 34.

In order to examine this further, we must first assume that we are talking about a healthy relationship between two people that is based on mutual love and respect. Of course there are those false relationships that are built on sex, narcissism, greed, and other superficial factors. We also know that there are plenty of relationships like this between partners who are the same age. These are not the kinds of relationships we are discussing here.

Benefits to the Older Man

As a man grows older, the temptation is to move life into the slow lane. He may be tempted to watch a little more television and jog a few less miles. As retirement looms, and his body begins to show further signs of aging, a man who is alone will age even more quickly because he will become less active. His eating habits may also fall by the wayside, and why not? He is not looking to impress anyone.

Now imagine this same man in a healthy relationship with a younger woman. She has not yet begun to slow down. She still likes to travel, go out to dinner, maybe play softball or golf, and just do things. The older man, strengthened and encouraged by the love of this woman, has the desire to do these things with her. He joins a bowling league with her or takes walks in the evening with her. He isn’t trying to keep up with her because he wants to be younger than he is; he simply has the incentive to continue to move around and enjoy life. The result is that he slows his aging process, takes better care of himself, and improves his quality of life.

Benefits to the Younger Woman

Not all women who date an older man are seeking riches. In fact, many of today’s women are educated and are enjoying careers of their own. They do not need a man to give them the financial security that relationship with an older man might bring. However, while she may not be seeking to extort riches, she does have the right to enjoy the security that comes with being with a man who has established himself professionally, has a home, and is done chasing women.

In general, girls and women mature faster than boys and men. This makes it easy to understand why a woman may be drawn to a relationship with an older man, and why these relationships are destined to work, despite the protests of those around them. The couple can enjoy a match of maturity, respect, love, and devotion. Additionally, because men tend to die earlier than women do, it is harder for women to find healthy men as they grow older, opening their minds to less traditional relationships such as these.