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Over 10 percent of the US’ craft breweries are in Colorado and such is really an impressive statistic given that the state is just home to just less than 2% of the nation’s population. This is home to 230 established breweries. However, the Coloradans weren’t the ones that invented the concept of craft brewery but they can still take the credit since it was them that perfected the art of craft beer. Each type of beer that you have in mind is brewed here from the popular ones to the rare seasonal barley and triple ales.

Many of the restaurants and bars in Colorado carry at least a few of the favorites of the home state but this is not the only way to celebrate the expertise in all things beer. There are many notable festivals that take place each year where people can try the local beers and some meet the masters behind the favorite brews.

There is one Great American Beer Festival which is a tradition in Denver and this is celebrated each fall. The exhibits manned by over 400 of the top craft brewers in the nation, the attendees are also able to sample over 1,800 different brews. Moreover, you need to know that the festival is produced by the Brewers Association that is the national trade association for those craft breweries which is in Boulder, Colorado.

The Colorado Brewer’s Festival is certainly continue to go strong for twenty years which happens in Fort Collins every June and this would feature over 50 Colorado-based brewers and also live music and food. Also, there is a festival each July that features more than 50 craft breweries from around the state. Also, such would take place along the banks of the Arkansas River and you can definitely enjoy food and music as well. Also, an event that you cannot miss is the festival that showcases beer which is supplied by the local breweries.

The beer scene in Colorado may surprise the visitors who aren’t familiar with it. You will have a good idea about the towns which are home to the microbreweries and you will also get an idea about which breweries provide tours and those that have a restaurant on site, and this means that there are a lot of options that you can go for. If you have made the decision about where you should go, this would also help to know about the many variety of beers that you will be able to find. Do you want the porters and stouts? Probably, you are also interested about the unfiltered wheat beers or sour beers. Your choices or preferences may tell you which breweries you must visit and also what to order when you would go there. When you are not so sure about what you like, then you must not be afraid to try different options prior to ordering a pint or to ask many questions about the beers on tap.
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