Romance, Marriages and Associations

Astrologically Venus is known as the goddess of like. In a male horoscope Venus signifies his to be wife. Mars is the electricity that tremendous prices this like. Rahu multiplies it to the intense level.

But wishes, pleasure and true like are a few distinctive points. Just about every plays a job in human lifetime and with minute observation one can definitely deduce their level of depth in a human lifetime. For case in point I have always noticed Rahu and Venus blend ending in a sudden like marriage, provided Mars is set free from blemishes.

In other circumstances I have noticed that a dasha of Venus or earth like Rahu with Venus also final results in an affair. (It can also outcome in an more marital affair as nicely.). But in most of the circumstances Rahu Venus blend also denotes physical level of like fairly than true like. This transpires with far more depth when Jupiter is underneath some type of blemish. In opposite to this Venus with Jupiter or Jupiter Venus trade also final results in like marriage some periods. But this is far more on a delicate level and has a grace which lacks in Rahu Venus case.

Watery indications bring far more extremity to the passion and thoughts. These mixtures could outcome in emotional bonding and attachments. In some cases when Moon is merged to Saturn and Venus Rahu brings together then final results are fully distinctive and from time to time drastic. For a prolonged long lasting partnership a male horoscope ought to always carry a strong Venus, each in D-nine and the ascendant chart. The seventh home ought to be free from Rahu, Saturn Mars partnership. Ketu ought to be free of blemishes and ought to not be put in the seventh home.

In a feminine horoscope Jupiter ought to be strong and free from blemishes. It can be checked in each the charts. A debilitated and weak Jupiter is not great for a content married lifetime. With this Ketu, Saturn Mars and Rahu ought to not influence the seventh home.

A malefic Rahu and its dasha in a feminine horoscope could outcome in a extremely ambitious personality. This kind of a girl could collapse her relationships when when compared in opposition to her ambitions.
I have noticed men and women matching their horoscope dependent on Ashtkoot compatibility. Some far more state-of-the-art brains even use names for compatibility. Make sure you notice that each these methods carry significant loopholes and I look at the second process to be the most unreliable one. Following examining for Gunas one ought to appear for condition of seventh home lords, Venus, Jupiter, present-day dasha , blemishes on seventh home, Rashi partnership and only then one can announce the true match. I have a case in point where by a girl has a match of 36 Gunas and she acquired divorced. She is residing all by itself in Usa. Her seventh home carried a debilitated Mars with Saturn factor from tenth home. Her Jupiter was also debilitated.(A debilitated Jupiter in the ascendant merged to fourth, seventh, ninth or twelfth home lord in d-4, normally final results in a overseas vacation)

I have noticed through working experience that the placement of seventh home lord in a dual indicator could also outcome in a second marriage provided the marriage was done at an early age of 20 one to 20 four. Blemishes designed by Mars and Saturn can be avoided by basically steering clear of an early marriage.

Men and women are also anxious about Magalike Dosha. Though Mangal indicates Shubha in Vedic terms, it is normally connected to a dosha. Mars actually denotes electricity. A channelization of electricity is denoted by ascendant lord, Moon and associations to Mars. If electricity is not channelized in a suitable method it can normally final results in malefic outbursts and hence can outcome in a separation.
Mere placement of Mars in ascendant (Narad Shanita), second home or so are not able to and ought to not be deemed a dosha.
There are several other position which need to be noticed though examining some one for partnership:

one. Male or feminine, each horoscopes ought to be checked for condition of Jupiter in D-nine and D-one.
two. Seventh home, twelfth home and Moon ought to be checked for mentality.
three. Rahu, Venus and Mars blend in twelfth home or any other home ought to be checked totally. Take into account Mercury and Jupiter and you can estimate the amount of cheating this person can do.
4. Examine for the very last finger of each the palms, A bend in the reverse course or specified blemishes ought to be checked.
five. Mars, Saturn+Mars, weak Ketu, Rahu+Venus+M ars, Rahu+Mars are specified mixtures which reveal some negative routines. Examine for influences of Mercury and Jupiter and you can confirm what a person is upto.

Alok Jagawat