Restore Passion in Marriage/ Romance Relationships

The reasons vary but are typically related to lack of passion, lack of effort by both partners to take the initiative, and stress caused by a variety of factors.  Do you remember the love and passion in the early days of your relationship.  

So, how can we explain that the majority of married couples that visit marriage counselors complaining about the lack of passion in their relationship.  A passionate marriage is a good marriage and a passionate marriage is an achievable goal as long as you improve your sex life.  

Healthy sexual excitement is a critical component of passion.  One of the greatest threats to a love relationship is lack of passion the life energy that fuels the intense and exciting relationships we long for.

Building an intimate, passionate relationshiphas less to do with trinkets, jewelry or expensive cars, and lots to do with enjoying a loving bond strengthened by trust, respect and romance. Deepen your relationship by enjoying and appreciating each other and the time you spend with one another.  Mention special moments and  topics that interest them.

Passion and romance– two very important things upon this Earth that most of us overlook everyday. Romance is the fine art of loving another; showing your love without hesitation. Passion and romance is great, don?t get me wrong, but if you want a mature  relationship with long-term potential, if all you have is passion and romance, then you do not have much.

Passion and romance
will fade with age and unlike a good wine or cheese that gets better with age, passion and romance usually fade as your relationship goes on and if you want to maintain that mature  relationship with long-term potential then you really need to work hard to keep that passion and romance going.