Questionnaire for Partners to Get to know Every Other

Choose turns answering these issues and learn a lot more about how the people today in your existence feel.

Do not remark on any responses. Simply settle for what the other suggests without having criticism or examination.

one. I experience pleased when _______________________________________.

2. I experience injustice when______________________________________.

3. I experience that you appreciate me when you ___________________________.

four. I doubt that you appreciate when you ____________________________.

five. I experience shut to you when__________________________________.

six. I experience distant from you ___________________________________.

7. I experience indignant when _______________________________________.

8. I need your knowing when____________________________.

nine. One particular of my beliefs that would make me experience indignant is _____________________.

10. When I panic, just one of the beliefs that would make me panic is _________________.

eleven. 3 matters that I respect in you are ________________________________.

12. 3 matters that I need from you are _______________________________.

thirteen. One particular of the techniques in which I try out to exhibit my appreciate is _____________________.

fourteen. One particular of the techniques in which I would like you to specific your appreciate to me is _______________.

fifteen. When I am indignant, I would like you to reply to me in the adhering to way: _____________.

sixteen. I experience blocked towards you when ___________________________.

seventeen. I experience rejected when _____________________________________.

eighteen. 3 matters that I beloved when I was a youngster (one – 12 years) have been______________________.

19. As an adolescent, my primary pursuits have been ____________________.

twenty. My 3 primary goals in existence are _____________________________.

21. For me, God is ___________________________.

22. My physical demands are _____________________.

23. My emotional demands are ____________________.

24. My social demands are ________________________.

twenty five. My professional demands are ___________________.

26. My spiritual demands are_______________________.

27. My psychological demands are ________________________.

28. My demands that are not becoming fulfilled at the present time are ______________________.

29. I would like your assistance in satisfying the adhering to demands __________________________.

30. When you have a criticism for me, I would like you to specific it in the adhering to way: _____.

31. When you are indignant with me, I would like you to specific your anger in the adhering to way:___.

32. When your demands are not becoming fulfilled in this relationship, I would like you to specific these demands in the adhering to way: ___________________________.

33. I would like you to specific your appreciate for me in the adhering to techniques : _________________.

34. When I fall short at anything, I experience ___________________________.

35. When you do not communicate with me, I experience _______________.

36. When I am criticized, I experience ______________________________.

37. I would like to expend our holiday time in the adhering to put in the adhering to way: ______.

38. My philosophy on bringing up young children is ____________________.

39. One thing that I need to explain to you is __________________________.

forty. I need you most when _____________________________________.

forty one. An party from the previous that however bothers me is __________________.

42. A way in which I could participate a lot more harmoniously in this relationship is ___________.

43. One thing I would like for us to do with each other is _________________.

forty four. I need your cooperation with ________________________________.

45. I need your companionship when ____________________________.

46. 3 matters that I respect about myself are ____________________.

47. Sorts of recreation which I enjoy are:________________________.

forty eight. I experience shut to God when ____________________________________.

forty nine. When I initially saw you, I felt __________________________________.

fifty. One particular of the grievances I have towards my mother and father is ________________.

51. My thoughts about our sexual contact are ________________________.

52. I respect you when __________________________________________.

53. I once in a while need to be by yourself for the adhering to good reasons : __________.

fifty four. If our household caught hearth, the initially 3 matters I would conserve would be: ___.

55. I chill out a lot more effortlessly when ______________________________________.

56. My thoughts about our economic scenario are ______________________.

fifty seven. I would like to get free of charge from the routine of __________________________.

58. 3 matters I respect about you are: _____________________________.

fifty nine. I appreciate you specifically when _____________________________________.

sixty. My thoughts of peace are dependent on ____________________________.

61. I have issue in expressing ___________________________________.

sixty two. One thing I would like to modify about myself is ____________________.

sixty three. One thing which I would like to specific concerning anything that has previously been said in between us is ____________________.

sixty four. My thoughts about expressing passion are : ________________________.

65. I experience grateful towards you because ________________________________.

66. I would like for you that _____________________________________________.

sixty seven. Just before I die, I would like to ______________________________________.

68. I would like to produce the adhering to talents : ______________________.

sixty nine. I would like to question forgiveness for__________________________________.

70. I experience gratitude towards my mother and father for _______________________________.

71. One thing enjoyable that has occurred recently is _______________.

72. I experience suppressed when ____________________________________________.

73. Some matters I would like examine when you have time are ______________.

seventy five. Other … Make up your have issues.