Learn Cebuano for Courting Cebuana Women

So, you are keenly interested in dating Filipina Cebuana women? Would you like to convey to her romantic adore phrases in her very own Cebuano language? For positive, you previously have listened to quite a few Cebuano phrases spoken by your Cebuana lady each now and then, irrespective of whether on the mobile phone or on the internet, even though you are speaking to her or chatting with her.

Use some of these Cebuanas adore phrases to acquire the coronary heart of the Cebuana lady you adore. These are just uncomplicated phrases that you can memorize and later on convey to her how you experience about her. Shock her, you will be rewarded with a really wonderful smile on her confront!

one) I like you really substantially – Nakagusto kaayo ko nimo.

2) Will you be my girlfriend? – Gusto ko manguyab nimo.

3) I want to court you – Gusto nako ka pangulitawhan.

4) I want to marry you – Gusto ko magpakasal kanimo.

five) Will you marry me? – Makigminyo ka kanako?

six) Marry me – Pakasal kanako.

seven) I adore you – Nahigugma ko nimo.

8) I adore you really substantially – Gugmahan kaayo ko nimo.

nine) I am in adore with you – Gihigugma ko ikaw.

ten) I pass up you – Gimingaw ko nimo.

eleven) I pass up you really substantially – Gimingaw kaayo ko nimo.

12) Get treatment – Pag amping

In this article are also some fundamental daily greetings in Cebuano language:

one) Superior early morning – Maayong buntag!

2) Superior midday – Maayong udto!

3) Superior afternoon – Maayong hapon!

4) Superior night – Maayong gabii!

five) Content vacation – Maayong pagbyahe!

Cebuana women will admire you to discover that you know some of these Cebuano adore phrases. You are now a move forward in profitable her Filipina coronary heart! Retain on delighting her coronary heart, and you will discover contentment with your Filipina bride.