How to Tell Him You Love Him

It’s in the Bag

Look for a nice shaving kit that you think a man would like. Maybe you could find one at his college campus store with the schools name on it. Check at the Pro shop at the golf course to see what they have.

It’s not a Man Bag

Open the shaving kit and stuff it with some kind of girly type decoration. Don’t do that if you plan to give the bag in the presence of a group of male friends. I’m just kidding. You can line the shaving kit with a colorful handkerchief. A silk hankerchief would really dress it up.

He’s Easy

Now it’s time to stuff the kit with some of his favorite things. Here are some suggestions: a music CD, disposable razors, shaving cream, trail mix, a sleeve of golf balls, mini candy bars (chocolate), travel size hand lotion, nail clippers, cologne samples, antiperspirant and breath mints. What else can you think of that a man would like in a gift bag like this?

Super Size it

If you want to take this to the next level, trying adding tickets to a ball game or a gift certificate to Starbucks. A gift certificate for a round of golf would also work well. I know this isn’t very sexy but this is how you tell him you love him in man speak.

Give Him a Kiss

Now for the best part, tell him you love him by putting kisses from you in the bag. That might not be practical so you may want to go with Hershey’s Kisses with almonds. Technically, that’s still kisses from you.