Getting Back Together After A Breakup – The Second Time Around

Getting back together after a breakup can have its own particular set of difficulties. It can be difficult to move past and forget about the issues that caused the breakup in the first place and allow for a healthier, happier rebound.

However, simply forgetting or avoiding the issue is the worst thing you can do. If you don’t face the true issue then your relationship is a ticking bomb that will explode eventually.

Some of the most frequent reasons relationships end temporarily are trust issues, violation of the relationship and control issues. Each must be faced and dealt with if a relationship has hope of surviving long term.

A true relationship killer is lack of trust. Trust is fundamental to the survival of any relationship. Sometimes trust must be a cerebral decision rather than a natural choice. You must have faith that your partner is where he or she says they are and are doing what they say they are doing.

A relationship will not endure if you feel the need to constantly check up on your significant other. The very act of checking up on them violates the relationship to the core; it says to your partner “I don’t believe you and I think you would intentionally hurt me”.

Getting past a previous indiscretion or violation of the relationship can be extremely challenging. You must sincerely forgive the other person for the pain they caused you if the relationship is to survive the second time around.

If you do not believe that they are sorry and will not repeat the violation then your second try will be tainted and doomed from the beginning. Sometimes this takes a concerted effort to not hold the past sins against you partner. The only way to progress is to forgive.

Relationships can sometimes become a battle of wills and the struggle for control overshadows all other aspects of the relationship. It is essential that you base your relationship on mutual respect. You must always try to appreciate the other person’s point of view and allow them the freedom to feel, think and act of their own free will.

A relationship is not made of a leader and a follower but rather of two individuals who have decided to partner up and face the world as a team. Respecting one another needs and desires will guarantee that your relationship will be able to endure any misfortune that comes your way.

Everyone makes relationship mistakes but if in your second try you approach your relationship with trust, forgiveness and respect you can be certain that a third try will not be required.