Finally, An Online Solution for Cheating

There is now software around for people to figure out whether their significant other is cheating on them. Tinder is a site in which a very large percentage seek out and establish relationships on edge. College students seem to make up much of this percentage. Out of 550 students who participated in a study conducted by Texas Tech’s Department of Human Development and Family studies, just over seven percent of those students admitted to having sex with someone they met on Tinder while still in an exclusive relationship with someone else. Many ironically said that they weren’t sure that Tinder was the best site for meeting someone outside of a committed relationship.

One person who used Tinder to have an extra-marital affair anonymously blogged about his experience. He confirmed that there is a such lack of privacy on Tinder that someone you know could sign up for it and find you within 10 minutes or less by filtering alone. Even if you travel, your husband or wife, could still find out by using the passport feature. Tinder is also a very mainstream dating site. They also require a connection to their users’ Facebook accounts, which can show up on Facebook’s “connected apps” part of their users’ Page.

Dana Weiser and Sylvia Niehius, who conducted the study reported noticing two distinct personality traits with those likely to cheat. A willingness to have sex outside of a committed relationship and a high motivation to do so. For example, whether they would do so if they believed that there was a high probability that they would not get caught. They also found that men and women had the same two general motives on a more or less equal basis.

Fortunately, it has become easy to view Tinder profiles online. However, the creators of such software have stated that the primary reason is not to help people in committed relationships to find out whether their partner is cheating. Ironically, it’s designed to “warn” potential cheaters that their profiles and settings may not be as private as they think anymore. It also poses a high risk especially for women who seek out outside relationships due to their committed relationship being abusive or overly controlling.

It’s no secret that cheating in a marriage or other committed relationship is very hurtful. It has been common probably since anything like marriage or a committed relationship existed. It was also grounds for execution in many ancient cultures and is still so in those like the mid-east. Cheating in a marriage or committed relationship is a very deep moral issue. There is the question of why the cheater is tempted in the first place. When the cheating is discovered by the other partner or spouse, they get upset and even question what they did to trigger the cheating. However, it is not always the other partner or spouse who triggers it. Either way, cheating is a sign that all is not well with the relationship and marriage and the other partner or spouse deserves to know if he or she wants to.