Filipina Dating Tips: twenty Tagalog Dating Phrases You Must Know

If you are interested in dating a Filipina lady, below are some Filipina dating Tagalog phrases which can enable you in courting the Filipina female of your desires!

The Filipina lady you are dating will be genuinely impressed if you know some of the next Filipina dating phrases translated from English to Tagalog or Filipino language.

1) I like you – “Gusto kita”

two) I like you incredibly considerably – “Gustong-gusto kita”

three) I have a crush on you – “Could gusto ako sa iyo”

four) Get care – “Ingat”

5) You acquire care – “Ingat ka”

six) I believe about you – “Iniisip kita”

7) I believe about you all the time – “Iniisip kita palagi”

8) I aspiration about you – “Nasa panaginip kita”

9) I pass up you – “Miss out on kita”

ten) I pass up you incredibly considerably – “Miss out on na pass up kita”

11) I am in love you – “Iniibig kita”

twelve) I am slipping in love with you – “Nahuhulog ang loob ko sa iyo”

thirteen) I love you – “Mahal kita”

fourteen) I love you incredibly considerably – “Mahal na mahal kita”

15) I want to marry you – “Gusto kitang pakasalan”

sixteen) I want you to be my spouse – “Gusto kitang maging asawa ko”

seventeen) I want to see you – “Gusto kitang makita”

18) Will you marry me? – “Pakakasalan mo ba ako?”

19) I will marry you – “Pakakasalan kita”

twenty) You are the only just one I love – “Ikaw lang ang mahal ko”

Any Filipina female, no matter what island she life in the Philippines, will definitely appreciate all the attempts you did to investigate these Filipina dating endearments from English to Tagalog. So, you are blessed you got the probability to read this write-up. Bookmark it on your favorites. Very good luck in your search for your Filipina lady aspiration lady!

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