Does He Want a Relationship? How to See Inside Your Guy’s Mind

When you think about the man you’re dating do you ever wonder to yourself does he want a relationship or not? Sometimes men are a bit mysterious when it comes to what they’re feeling. One day they’ll be the most affectionate fellow in the world, and the next day they’ll barely give us the time of day. If you’re with a guy like this you may be close to pulling your hair out in frustration If he’s not being forthcoming about what’s going on in his heart and his head, what are you to do? The best thing you can do is learn to understand what his behavior is telling you about what he’s thinking.

If you’re wondering does he want a relationship start paying close attention to how often he’s reaching out to spend time with you. If you’ve been the one initiating most of your time together, stop that. Let him plan dates and let him be the one to contact you. If he wants a serious relationship he’s going to crave to be with you. If the man you’re with is constantly coming up with excuses for why he can’t see you or be with you, he’s not ready for anything other than casual dating. Just pull back a bit and see what his reaction is. If you two don’t see each other unless you’re planning it, he’s stuck in the dating phase.

Does he focus more on you or himself when you two are together? We’ve all dated men who seemed more enamored with themselves than they are with us. When a man wants a relationship he’s on a mission to discover every small detail he can about the woman he’s interested in. Does he ask about your day? Is he concerned with the things going on in your life? If he is, that’s a very positive sign. Men who are self absorbed simply care more about themselves than they do you, and that’s not a good foundation for any serious relationship.