Dating Women – Dating Women That Are Interested in You

Obviously, it’s dating women who are interested in you is important. But have you ever wondered how to tell? If there are signs? There are. Women interested in dating you will find lots of ways to express that interest. It’s just up to you to correctly read the signs. But be careful not to misinterpret them. While it’s true that just because someone’s interested in you doesn’t mean that a dating relationship will work out, it’s still a good place to start.

Some simple signs that women might be interested in dating you include:


A smile is a pretty easy way to tell that women are interested. If her smile is relaxed and shows both her upper and lower teeth, there’s a good chance she’s interested in dating you.


Many women flirt even if they’re not interested, but they all do when they are. Flirting doesn’t look the same for everyone, but women interested in dating you will regularly touch you or ask questions and find ways to get your attention. That said, dating women who flirt with everyone will not provide security in your relationship, so watch for how the women you’re interested in act with other men they’re not dating.

Licking Her Lips

It’s a stereotype, but it’s often true. When women lick their lips or bite their lips or tongue, it’s usually a good sign that they’re interested in someone. Women do it to appear get the attention of people they’re interested in dating and to appear more attractive.

Twisting Her Hair

In Puerto Rico, they say that when women twist their hair, they’re thinking about a man they’re in interested in. If she’s twisting her hair and glancing at you, she’s probably thinking about you – and about dating you. This act is usually subconscious, so she’s probably not even aware she’s doing it.

Widening Her Pupils

This is hard to see, but like hair twisting, it’s a subconscious action that people do without realizing when they’re attracted to or interested in someone. Women who are attracted you and getting to know you better will widen her pupils widen when she sees you.

Hitting You

Dating women who are abusive is one thing, but playful smacking is different. Many women do this when you say something silly or stupid, or just as a reminder that they’re around. It’s another reminder that’s around and wants your attention.

Talking to You

It sounds obvious, but dating usually begins with talking. When women are interested in dating you, they start conversations, even when they’re shy. When she asks if you’re busy or have plans, she’s testing the waters to see if you’re dating someone and simultaneously asking, “Wanna do something?”

She Returns Your Call

Some people are really bad about returning phone calls, and when it comes to dating, women and men alike are concerned about doing something wrong. What’s too soon? What’s too late? So, when women return you calls or text messages quickly it’s a pretty good sign that she’s interested.