Dating Tips For Women From Men – Take It From The Guys

Nobody knows a man better than another man. To succeed in dating, it is probably best to pick up dating tips for women from men. Things have probably changed since the last time you entered the dating scene. A man’s perspective can keep you updated about latest dating rules. This will definitely keep blunders and mistakes at a minimum.

According to men, to make the first few dates going smoothly, avoid talking about your ex-husband. If you do, your date will think that you are still hung up on an ex. You also risk giving the impression that you are a bitter person. Men definitely do not want to deal with an emotional baggage. You can save that story for later, when you are both comfortable.

You have probably heard this before and you will again now. It is important to be yourself when on a date. Don’t try impressing your date with an outrageous personality if it’s not who you are. If you think you are going to hold his interest this way, then you’re wrong. You will only be playing a role that is bound to expire in the near future.

Talking about a future together is something that men don’t want to hear on a date. It would be like placing a trap for them. Most women overlook the importance of taking things slowly. This advice applies even if your date is interested in taking things to the next level. If you are going trap him, you will scare him away.

One of the most impressive traits of a woman is her ability to accept compliments gracefully. It’s according to men who often harp on how some women can’t seem to accept compliments properly. If your date gushes about how beautiful you look, don’t shy away from it. Saying “thank you” would suffice and it would more than please your admirer.

When you have agreed to go on a date, make sure to be there on time. If the guy will pick you up, be sure to be ready when he arrives. Men and women can benefit from this advice. Leaving someone to wait is rude and unattractive. You will end up losing his interest.

Keep your conversation interesting by offering your own opinion. Men like a challenge and throwing in a witty reply every now and then keep them interested. This is true even when you don’t agree on some things. But avoid getting into heated arguments as this could lead to a nasty ending.

Keep a positive outlook. You want your date to be light and fun. Don’t burden him with tales about your monster employer or intrusive mother. This could put him off and think that you have the potential to whine about everything. Try to create a relaxed mood and keep your conversation light.