Dating Online -Is It Worth It ?

Man is social in nature; boundaries are slowly and surely melting in the 21st century. With the World Wide Web making its contributions to closing gaps across segregations, the dream of a global village is here.

Like most people, I know you have a lot of conflicting views on dating sites. Here are a few pointers to help shed some light on the advantages of dating online:

1. Breaking the Ice; Even with a physical hook-up, butterflies will still manage to do their best to upset your stomach. Creating and maintaining conversations especially when rattled by the looks of your date can be a chore. Dating online even eliminates body language which can do some major damage to your game if misread. Faces and names are also enhanced by choice, between you and me I think mystery does some wonders to ones confidence.

2. Preference; ‘Clicking’ as it is so colourfully put happens on all levels for attraction to be complete. The question of ‘he/she is my type is one that cannot be answered in just one encounter. Dating online at these sites give one the chance to go on a series of virtual dates and I dare add without the financial aches and pains.

3. Sexual Orientation; Diversity dictates a lot of things in our world today. Dating sites allow for accommodations that can be in one way or another be absent in some of our societies. With the added privacy and borderless access,dating online enables the possibilities of unlimited interactions daily so long as the over 18 rules are strictly adhered to.

4. Compatibility; Sealing the deal is the apex of any encounter.Compatibility here can be in terms of likes and dislikes. My focus here however is in the physical encounter after frequent chat sessions. Dating online saves one the hassle of knowing not only how
compatible looks-wise and personality-wise you are to the other person, but also if you are within a geographically accommodative perimeter for a physical encounter.

5. People Skills; Most would not know it, online dating sites improves one’s interaction skills. As you frequently meet new people online, you become more versed in the delicate art and tact it takes to impact and leave a lasting impression. With this new trial and error method afforded by the web, you are spared the embarrassments of physical encounters that would have ended up otherwise with the added advantage of learning the ropes in the process.

So if you;

-Do not want to waste a lot of time and money trying to meet your dream mate in the pub or the malls.

-Are Fed up of being rejected by people you approach for companionship

-Are Single and lonely

-Want to meet other sexy singles in your area

I have good news for you.

Its called iwantu – and its just the online dating site you have been waiting for.

I have seen countless people benefit from this dating site. It is basically a place for people to hook up, regardless of whether you are married or not, while your privacy is still maintained. I highly recommend checking it out!

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