Dating and Relationship – 4 Signs that a Guy Likes to Pursue a Relationship

Dating and relationship can be tough especially since there are no set rules. The reaction of people varies from one person to another, making it tough for interpretation purposes. The good news is that this does not make it impossible. Although guys might be very awkward when it comes to dating and relationship, girls can still count on some old-fashioned signs to tell if a guy is interested in a permanent setting. The trick is to be very observant in order to accurate predict if a guy is aiming for something more.

He Talks without Being Asked
Guys are basically reluctant in talking about themselves and would usually try to deflect the conversation or only give out information when specifically asked. When the guy starts volunteering specific information about himself, then chances are they are testing the dating and relationship barriers. He wants the girl to know more about him in an attempt to break the barriers of casual dating. Of course, the need to know is reciprocal. A guy would also ask lots of questions about a girl he is interested in.

He Specifically States His Goal
Obviously, this is the strongest indicator that the guy is looking for something more. A guy would typically pursue the possibility of being exclusive after a few dates, especially if he is really interested; but if he does not, then this shouldn’t be a cause of alarm just yet. Girls can choose to be patient or simply start dating someone else. Since there is no exclusivity clause, both parties are really free to meet other people. If a guy who is interested in dating and relationship finds out about the other dates, then this would surely push him into bringing up exclusivity.

He Introduces Important People
The only time a guy introduces a girl to his close friends is when he believes that the dating and relationship would continue. After all, why introduce someone to the people you care about if you don’t intend to be with them for a long period of time? A meeting with the family is a very good sign but usually happens when the couple has lasted for more than several months. More often than not, girls will first meet her partner’s close circle of friends. Either way, this is a good sign that the dating and relationship is going somewhere.

He Talks about the Future
If a guy starts making plans for a date that is a few weeks or months in advance, then this is definitely a dating and relationship improvement. This shows that they guy is thinking “long term” and would most likely introduce the idea of exclusivity if he hasn’t already.

Of course, those aren’t the only dating and relationship signs that women can watch out for in order to assess their man. Basically though, there will be a general change in treatment as the guy becomes more considerate and curious about the girl’s day-to-day activities. Pretty soon, he will start to pursue a more permanent dating and relationship setting.