Clingy, Jealous Girlfriend Managing Your Life? 8 Dumb Causes Why Men Stay With Needy Girls

Associations are all about preference — sometimes we pick mistaken.

As guys, we can take pleasure in a great girl — anyone who is smart, perfectly-well balanced, and offers us with ease and comfort and psychological help.  At times, however, we obtain ourselves with clingy, controlling, jealous, emotionally unbalanced girls.  As a substitute of ease and comfort, they are resources of strain and conflict.

When we comprehend that we’re in such a relationship, it truly is time to break it off and pick again.  The substitute is a lifetime of dissatisfaction, and in no way getting a mate with whom you happen to be actually suitable.

At times breaking-up can be incredibly difficult.  This is in particular genuine when dealing with an extremely psychological companion who has codependent tendencies (“codependent” refers to extreme neediness, controlling conduct, etcetera.).   What’s even worse: The guys who are drawn to these sorts are usually timid when it arrives to expressing their wants in a relationship.  These guys can remain for many years — long immediately after they know they need to break-up, but in no way staying capable to essentially finish it.

Are you in a relationship that you no longer want?

Are you placing off the inevitable break up due to the fact you can not obtain the suitable way to break-up?  Are you delaying due to the fact it truly is in no way the suitable time? Prevent!  You might be throwing away both of those your time and her’s.  A lot of guys remain with girls due to the fact they just will not know how to summon the strength to break-up, and/or they will not know how to initiate the break-up. Listed here are some bad responses for why guys remain stuck in bad associations:

  • “I will not want to damage her.”
  • “She will not likely be capable to endure the break-up.”
  • “I can not stand to make her cry.”
  • “She’ll go nuts and consider to damage her lifetime”
  • “We live collectively, have a pet dog, share a car or truck, etcetera.”
  • “We are engaged!”
  • “Her family is genuinely wonderful to me” (or, “Her father is a family buddy/my manager/etcetera.”)
  • “My family expects us to get married.”

These are just a number of weak excuses why guys remain in annoying, not happy associations.  None of them are valid motives for keeping in a relationship that you will not want.

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