Carbon dating does not get the job done!

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Allot of men and women would say carbon dating proves that the earth is thousands and thousands of yrs aged. They dated the fossils! First of all I want to say that is not true. They ascertain what the age of the fossils are primarily based on their placement in the Geologic column, which won’t exist wherever, but in textual content textbooks. (Later on I might create about this.) They get a fossil in a layer and say, this is in this layer so it will have to be approximately this aged. That is number 1, not scientific evidence, its a guess. And number two, stupid. As we will see when I am discussing the Geologic column.

Prior to I can describe why carbon dating won’t get the job done, all people demands to know the science about it. I will summarize it right here, it beats examining wikipedia! Even if you know how carbon dating functions, read through this, you might learn one thing new.

First of all, you have to know, the earth’s environment is about a hundred and sixty KM thick (about 100 miles)
The air is mainly nitrogen. About seventy eight% A very little little bit of oxygen, about 21%, a very little less than 1% argon and about .038% carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is what vegetation use. If you would maximize the total of carbon dioxide, the vegetation would increase more quickly. There is an incredibly little total of radioactive carbon 14. Now how is that achievable? Perfectly, the radiotion from the solar collides in opposition to the environment and this generates radioactive carbon 14 (I will now refer to radioactive carbon 14 as C14), this then combines this the oxygen and results in carbon dioxide (I will now refer to carbon dioxide as CO2). So C14 is really really unusual and it does not remain stable. It is constantly breaking aside. Right after it breaks aside it turns back into nitrogen. It disappears with the gasoline and then disappears with the air.

So C14 is becoming developed by the environment by the solar and about half of it breaks down about every 5500 yrs. So in concept C14 will hardly ever be , it will be 1/2, 1/4, 1/eight etc.

Vegetation constantly breath in C14, during photosynthesis (A portion of the CO2 is C14). Animals take in vegetation, and it is then portion of their human body. So continuously we are absorbing C14. We take in vegetation or take in animals that have eaten vegetation. Now, if we die, we are definitely not likely to take up any additional C14.

Now right here arrives the major issue. Assumption, they are assuming one thing is true, but have no genuine evidence for it.
They believe, the total of C14 observed in the air is the identical total that are observed in the animals. For example, the environment has about .038% C14. It is assumed that all of us have the identical. I do not know about anybody who has at any time been tested for C14. It might be true, I do not know, but it is an assumption, that is wherever all the dangers arrive from.

When a plant or animal dies, the C14 starts to decay. And NOT becoming included all over again, as opposed to when the animals are alive. So carbon dating is generally measuring the total of C14 in an object with the total of carbon in the athmosphere. If the object has only half the total in the athmosphere, they would believe its been useless for 1 half everyday living. If it only has 1/4 as substantially its been useless for 2 half lifes. 2 times 5500. It continues like that. So they are comparing the total in the object with the total in the environment. That is how carbon dating functions. Allows glimpse at a practical example.

I convey to you fill a barrel full of drinking water. And I make holes in the barrel. Though you toss drinking water in it will start off to stream out. So its getting additional and less at the identical time. At some position you are likely to arrive at the stage called the equilibrium. In other text, you will hardly ever fill the barrel earlier that position. Except you maximize the enter or minimize the output.

So the environment is constantly having in C14 from the solar, and its constantly dropping it. Now the concern is, how extensive would it just take the environment to arrive at the equilibrium stage? Right after some check and stuff a when back, they claimed it would just take about 30 000 yrs. The entire issue is, we have not attained equilibrium however. There is additional C14 now than there was fifty yrs back. Scientists say C14 is forming 29% more quickly than it decays. So, with some logic, it indicates the earth is less than 30 000 yrs aged. And this is what (most) creationists have been stating all these yrs.

Allows glimpse at a further example.
If you wander into a space and you see a candle burning and I inquire a really very simple concern, how extensive has the candle been burning? You would say you do not know, you just received right here. I would say, alright, lets do some science, lets demonstrate it by working with exams. So the both of those of us are now doing work as a group to determine out how extensive has the candle been burning.

We choose we start off by measuring its top. Allows say its about 18 CM tall (about 7 inches). So now, when was it lit? We do not know, we do not have enough data. So, lets evaluate how fast it burns. Allows say just after cautious evaluate we discover out it burns 2.five CM a hour (about 1 inch). Now when was it lit? You can’t convey to me except you make an assumption!
#1. How tall was it?
#2. Has it constantly burnt at the identical rate?
Isn’t going to make any difference what you pick it can’t be verified.

So if you discover a fossil in the grime, all you know is that it died. The total of C14 can be measured really precisely and a rate of decay can be determined. Now when did it reside? No 1 has any concept, except assumptions are produced (the candle tale earlier mentioned). To get the job done out how aged it was you would have to know how quite a few C14 was in it when it was alive and if the earth environment has attained equilibrium. Which it has not.

Now the bible suggests there was a drinking water/ice cover earlier mentioned the earth’s environment (a subject matter for a further working day). Now that cover would retain out very a little bit of C14. So if you discover an animal that died in the time of the major flood (when the cover was also destroyed). So when carbon dating an animal that died in the flood, they would believe that when this animal lived the environment was the identical as it is currently, which it wasn’t in accordance to the bible.

In this article are some illustrations on why carbon dating did not get the job done.

A person after reported: “If a C14 day supports our theories, we set it in the primary textual content. If it does not totally contradict them, we set it in as a footnote. And if its totally ‘out of date’, we drop it.”

A person else reported that the acknowledged dates are selected dates.

In 1949, a mammoth was carbon dated. The mammoths lessen leg dated back to 15 380 yrs, the skin and the flesh nonetheless, dated back to 21 three hundred yrs.

In 1963, a reside mollusk dated shells were being dated back to 2300 yrs aged.

In 1971, a freshly killed seal was dated back to 1300 yrs back.

In 1975, a mammoth was carbon dated, 1 portion dated back to 29 500 yrs back and the other portion 44 000 yrs back.

In 1975, a frozen baby mammoth was carbon dated, 1 portion dated back to 40 000 yrs and a further portion 26 000.

In 1984, shells from a dwelling snail was dated back to 27 000 yrs back.

In 1992, 2 mammoths, observed up coming to each and every other, were being dated with the ages of 22 850 and 16 150.

twenty yr aged difficult lave was dated back to thousand of yrs (I cannot keep in mind the specific day).

A pig cranium that died in 1470, was dated back to 1,2 million yrs.

The checklist goes on and on and on. It is not rational to believe that carbon dating functions. It hardly ever has worked, absolutely nothing that was at any time carbon dated was every proved. So they might day one thing to 1,2 million yrs back, but they do not know for sure so they settle for that day. So they have no 2nd viewpoint. So with all of this I believe that carbon dating does not get the job done and it also does not demonstrate that the earth is thousands and thousands of yrs aged.

So thats why I believe carbon dating won’t get the job done. I wrote this entry really really fast so it might have mistakes.

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