Relationship Anxiety – Why Doesn't My Boyfriend Want to Marry Me?

Relationships aren’t always viewed as investments, but in many ways that’s exactly what they are. This is especially the case for a woman who is dating a man who is somewhat resistant to the idea of marriage. If you’re that woman, you know that you’ve invested a great deal of time and emotional energy into the connection. It’s understandable that you’d want and expect a diamond ring and a romantic wedding at some point, but what do you do if that end goal is nowhere in sight? If your boyfriend has made it clear to you that he’s not interested in marriage, you’re left flabbergasted. Before you throw in the towel and walk away from everything you two have built, you need some answers. Understanding why he isn’t feeling drawn towards marriage can help you overcome the problem and get things moving in a more positive relationship direction.

Think About His Reasons for Not Wanting to Marry

Obviously, by this point you and your boyfriend have discussed the issue of marriage and how you both feel about it. In all likelihood you’ve pushed your boyfriend to share with you where his reservations are coming from. Each man is unique which means that his reasoning for not wanting to take the plunge is going to be specific to him. Generally there are several common threads that seem to run through relationships in which the man isn’t in any rush to get married.

One of the most common reasons why men refuse to make such a strong commitment is they sense that they’ll lose their own identity when they become a “husband.” Instead of being a self sufficient, single guy they suddenly become one half of a couple who are joined together forever. To most women this sounds like a dream come true but for a man who doesn’t feel emotionally mature, this can be a very frightening proposition. Not only does he see his own identity being pulled away but he senses that his role, from the wedding day forward, is simply to please his wife.

Other men won’t get down on bended knee to make that all-important proposal because the financial aspect of it weighs heavily on their mind. Men want to be viewed as providers and if your man doesn’t have the means to support himself, let alone you and any potential children in the future, he isn’t going to want to take any steps towards commitment. He also likely won’t reveal his true motivations for not getting engaged. He doesn’t want you to think poorly of him. To a man the most important thing is that the woman he loves sees him as a hero in every sense.

Devote Your Energy to Helping Him Overcome His Resistance

There’s something to be said for not pushing a man to commit, but there are obvious exceptions every woman should be aware of. If you believe your boyfriend would love to be married, but he does have some lingering reservations …

Are You In An Harmful Romance?

“We need to uncover the braveness to say NO to the things and folks that are not serving us if we want to find out ourselves and dwell our lives with authenticity.”

-Barbara De Angelis

Very first let us start by saying that, “No connection is perfect.” Most interactions have their ordinary ups and downs, highs and lows. These kinds of interactions can and will be labored out because both equally associates will set forth the exertion and these interactions have a strong foundation.

But, if you uncover on your own in a connection exactly where you are the only a person trying ninety% of the time that isn’t a connection it is a lifeless end street.

If you are truthful with on your own you know when you are in an unhealthy connection. You may possibly cry all of the time, talk but you are never ever heard, desire things would change but never ever do, feel like you are by itself even nevertheless you are in a connection and you just simple feel lousy most of the time.

And, the authentic clincher is you are on the getting end of disrespectful, dismissive conduct on a constant and ongoing basis and nothing at all appears to be to change. No subject how challenging you try, no subject how considerably you pray, scream, or beg it all falls on deaf ears.

If you uncover on your own in an unhealthy connection and you have attempted anything you can believe of to make it work and it still hasn’t, it can be time to accept the truth of your connection.

Getting in denial will only hold you caught and waste months or possibly decades of your lifestyle trying to make anything work that never ever will.

Acceptance is the first step forward. Facial area the reality and the reality will established you absolutely free. No a person would like to end a connection when they really like an individual, but if it has currently evidently ended and you are still keeping on to it, why are you keeping?

Until you never ever want a possibility at a mutually loving, respectful connection, then by all means hold going for walks down Distress Lane. But, if you know you have earned more, then decide on on your own up, dig down deep and uncover the braveness to launch on your own from this unhealthy jail.

No a person justifies to be mistreated and have none of their wants or emotions validated, not even you!

There seriously is a complete earth outside of this connection. Give on your own a possibility to have the kind of connection that is truly worth battling for. Allow go of what isn’t doing the job. Launch on your own from a a person way connection and acquire the methods towards a improved foreseeable future.

If you enable on your own the possibility, there is anything improved in retail outlet for you. When a person door closes one more …